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Topic: My Gold theme

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    My Gold theme

    Hi all,

    there's a small cue theme done interely in EWQLSO Gold.




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    Absolutely beautiful LUX!! This is the kind of music that melts my heart. Instantly reminds me of a movie scene. Keep it up.

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    Re: My Gold theme

    Wow, and an interesting twist at 0:45 as well. Great melodies and orchestration! Keep it up!

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    Re: My Gold theme

    Beautiful...just, beautiful.


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    Re: My Gold theme

    Thanks guys for the nice words.

    btw, sordinos are custom made from a 11 violins sus hard patch. using Gold internal filter.


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    Re: My Gold theme

    I love the vibes part at the end. EWQLSO'S vibes have such a beautiful magical sound to them. In any event, liked this piece alot.


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    Re: My Gold theme

    And the clarinet. How did you get that delicate sound?

    I'm having a hard time with the clarinet in gold.


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    Re: My Gold theme

    Thanks Tmon, yes I love that vibes too.

    Jose, I used the "F SCL Exp Slow Crec" patch. It does well the soft job.


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    Re: My Gold theme

    Pieces like this just tell me that I have a LONG way to go before I can even list myself in the same ballpark as you guys - let alone the same class...Wow.

    Lux, how many years have you been composing?

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    Re: My Gold theme

    thanks Indicator. A couple of years.

    sorry for bump


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