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Topic: Dynamics and clicks?

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    Dynamics and clicks?

    Hello all!

    Yesterday I was tlaking to a few peolpe about dynamics and they started talking about the differences in "clicks" between the dynamics. Such as 2 click difference between mf and f. I know that this may be the measurment of the dynamics, but can someone explain it to me in greater detail? What click? A drum click? Any info is appreciated! Thanks again!

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    Re: Dynamics and clicks?

    How can you have exact “clicks” on something so asymmetrical as dynamics within music? The variable from one interpretation to the next even between two players playing the same line(s) is too human to place exacting measurement. Maybe what is referring to be the length or duration of the dynamic indication on a score? How many beats (clicks) from start of dynamic to end of dynamic marking in a given phrase? Possibly, this is a midi clock issue? Other than exploratory, I do not know of any percussion method of gauging “clicks” for dynamics unless we are counting the number of pulses within the duration of time pertaining to the given dynamic indication(s).

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