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Topic: Some Questions about Kontakt

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    Some Questions about Kontakt

    I have three questions:

    (a) How do you modify reverb in Kontackt? I want to add some reverb to an instrument and I can't figure it out.

    (b) What is the latest version of Kontakt?

    (c) How (or where) do I upgrade if my version is not up to date?



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    Re: Some Questions about Kontakt

    Reverb - I would strongly recommend adding reverb inside your sequencing/VSTi host. The internal reverb inside Kontakt, while decent sounding is a CPU hog and you could only get by doing this on a few instruments before you are crippled.

    Version - The latest version is 1.5.3, and for most new users this is a free upgrade. You should be able to log into the Native Instruments website for information as to whether you can upgrade for free or not and the upgrade links are there as well.

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    Re: Some Questions about Kontakt


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