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Topic: Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]

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    Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]

    In anticipation of the Garritan Big Band....

    Here's a mock up of Benny Goodman's "Let's Dance" - with a Clarinet section instead of Saxes!


    What I have learned....

    1. I am a rubbish drummer
    2. If you record MIDI at slow speed to try to achieve accuracy, it just don't swing when you speed it up - and it's just as inaccurate!
    3. I am a rubbish drummer
    4. My bass playing is not much better
    5. Dance Band music is fun, but nothing like real Big Band.


    Richard N.

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    Re: Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]


    all things considered, this isn't bad. You've certainly whetted my appetite even more for the Big Band library


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    Re: Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]

    Great job! I enjoyed it a bunch.
    Unless I'm wrong, the overall volume is low-but no big deal.
    Did you use an english horn in there anywhere? I thought they might be a replacement for the sax in some range.
    I love this kinda stuff where GPO is used outside of classical. I mean, we all know how great it is with classical--let's see what else it can do.
    Excellent--thanks for the effort on this one!


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    Re: Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]

    What fun! This sounded great with clarinets--loved the gliss in the solo clarinet. Very tasteful arrangement!

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    Re: Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]

    Quote Originally Posted by Twinset

    all things considered, this isn't bad. You've certainly whetted my appetite even more for the Big Band library

    Yeah, me too. That was a fun listen! Nice treatment with the clarinet solo...almost like Benny himself. My only nit-pick is with the sound of the room environment....but that's waaay subjective. It's dang hard (I think) to nail a proper room effect. This one strikes me as a rehearsal session by the band in the dance hall before anyone (crowd/dancers/audience) shows up. And it sounds like I'm standing smack dab in the middle of the dance floor. I guess if I walked up closer to the band stand, I might enjoy it even more.
    Please promise that you will post this again once the Big Band library is released!

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    Re: Let's Dance [Benny Goodman]

    Thanks Guys, it's good to hear such a positive response.

    I know what you mean about getting the right room sound. I'd love to get a close miked studio sound, but I haven't sussed how to do that yet - any suggestions???

    I'm certainly intending to redo this and a number of other charts when the Big Band library comes out - I'm using these as practice session to get my chops ready for "the real thing" - I've only just got hold of a keyboard with a mod wheel and it is so liberating to be able to record these things in real time without having to draw in the controllers, or get deep into programming Finale scores to achieve the right sound.

    I'm currently working through the decades of Big Band music in my library - next up is a ballad arranged by Tom Kubis c.1989..... .....I hope it's worth the weight.

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