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Topic: Click Track Sound

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    Click Track Sound

    So... What click track sound do you prefer? I've been using a high and low woodblock forever, but I've been wondering if there's something better. I think it's a real compromise: If you use a totally dry click, or impulse, it can get lost, and if you use something with more body and resonance, like a woodblock, the result can be a bit mushy and less well defined.

    So, what do you use? And... got waves? A click would be a darn small wave file, and would be easily mappable to whatever sampler people are using.

    Oh, my woodblock is from the GM500 lib, so I won't be posting its wave.


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    Re: Click Track Sound

    I have an instance of Atmosphere saved in all my templates. It has a patch called "clicks various" and includes Urei clicks amongst others.

    Theres some really cool kind of low popping sounds that are not harsh to the ears at all. I dont find it fatiguing when I have to write with it all day.

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    Re: Click Track Sound

    I use this click that I downloaded from Jeff Rona's site.

    WAV file
    AIF file

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    Re: Click Track Sound

    I use this lovely sound of a real wood metronome


    In Cubase SX3 you can load your own audio click sounds - so when I use click track sound I'm hearing this nice sound

    All the best

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    Re: Click Track Sound

    I generally use good old hi-hats myself!

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    Re: Click Track Sound

    Thanks all!

    Scott, I hadn't considered non-fatigue a key characteristic, but you're absolutely right!

    pmwaring, I tried the Rona click, but it's really harsh.

    Bo, that wood metronome is great! I'll be using that.

    FredProgGH, hi-hats? I find they have too much splash - they don't get out of the way fast enough. Also, it makes it tough to record hi-hat part on top of a hi-hat click. It's probably okay for orchestral music, but could really get in the way for rock and jazz.

    BTW, the other night my wife came into the room while I was desperately trying to do a manual click track to match an existing piece of music. I had put on the headphones so I wouldn't bother her, and had my eyes closed, concentrating with all my powers on the tempo.

    After about two minutes, my wife lifts one of the phones and asks what the hell I was doing. Trying to keep tempo, all I could say was "stop", and I don't think I said it nicely.

    The long and short of it is that she was being driven mad by the weighted keyboard going "thunk, thunk, thunk", and didn't realize I was recording. Even so, she was driven nutty by the thunking, and didn't appreciate my reaction.

    Be careful with those endlessly repeating sounds!


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    Re: Click Track Sound

    I use a gong...it's difficult at anything over 120 ppq though...hehe

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    Re: Click Track Sound

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian2112
    I use a gong...it's difficult at anything over 120 ppq though...hehe

    bwa hahaha. Yeah I was using an Alpenhorn for a while, still might go back to it.....
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    Re: Click Track Sound

    Having recorded playing to click countless times, my conclusion is that there are two different applications of click sound.
    The first is the kind of click that is quick and sharp, so that when you play in time to it, you cannot hear it until your are off of it. In this case I prefer a high pitched and very (!) short sound - a woodblock, or cross-stick sound or some kind of digital punchy sound works good for this.
    The other is the kind of click that is meant to be heard at all times, no matter if you are on it or off of it, and for those situations I have never went away from the Urei digital click. It cuts through at all times so I can always hear it.
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