Well after an AWFUL lot of mucking about I have finally got EWQL Gold and GS3 running on the same laptop. The Dell Inspiron 5160 uses hyperthreading and until GS3.04 either I had to turn the hyperthreading off and GS3 crackled all the time or I got BSOD. 3.04 has cured that and it now runs fine with hyperthreading on.

In order to run EWQL in Vstack you music first turn off rewire in GS3 or it goes bonkers. Then you must start GS3 first and Vstack second. Im using an echo indigo card and Midi Over Lan CP 1.03.

I now get four instances of EWQL Gold plus everyuthing else running in GS3. Sounds great.

GS3 wouldn't run properly on my older laptop a 2.4ghz P4 which didn't have hyperthreading so I am going back to 2.54 on that one which worked fine. Ironic after all the trouble that hyperthreading actually makes Gs3 run properly on a laptop!