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Topic: Mac (OSX) 002r and Gigastudio

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    Mac (OSX) 002r and Gigastudio

    Hi all,

    I have absolutely no luck whatsoever connecting both of them guys. On the PC, I have Emu 0404 Midi in to 002 Midi out and 002 Midi In to Oxygen 8 Midi Out. Optical out of Emu to 002 Optical In.

    How can I set it up so that I can do all my sequencing in LE using rewire and plays through ADAT in.

    Please help, any suggestions? or should I buy a new sound card that's compatiable with GS3?


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    Re: Mac (OSX) 002r and Gigastudio

    Okay, you have PTLE (002R) on a mac, GS3 on a PC, right? Then you don't use rewire, that's only if PTLE and GS3 are on the same computer. I'm guessing you already set the I/O in PT to recieve on the ADAT input. Let me know if this helps, if not, get a little more specific and I'll do what I can to help.

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    Re: Mac (OSX) 002r and Gigastudio

    There's also MidiOverLanCP to consider.

    Sorry, but I'm not a Mac guy, so I can't offer any quick fix.


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    Re: Mac (OSX) 002r and Gigastudio

    Unfortunately the excellent EMU0404 is not GSIF compatible so this will not work.

    Need to buy a GSIF card nearest spec to what you have is Delta Audiophile from M-Audio

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