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Topic: Editing EWQLSO Gold

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    Editing EWQLSO Gold

    Ok, since I have made the choise of going with alot of EWQL stuff over the next six months (Gold, Stormdrum, Choirs, RA), one thing I forgot to ask is can I make a "light" version of it? Basically, with all the sample libs I usually get, I make a version that only has samples every minor 3rd on the keyboard to allow me to have more samples loaded at a time, and giga allows this without a problem, but since EWQL's stuff is in kontakt format I don't know if it allows this.

    I also make a "basic" file that has the stuff that I use most and keep most other stuff as special articulations to save RAM (for example my 1st violins are just Sustain Vib, Non-Vib, Marcato, Staccato, Tremolo, and Pizzicato, and a few effects instead of having all the articulations I have loaded), but I am guessing that this will not be a problem. Anyhow, is it possible to do this in Kontakt and if not, how many instruments do you think I will be able to load with 1.5GBs of RAM? Thanks,

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Editing EWQLSO Gold

    I would suggest purchasing the gold and silver edition of EWQLSO, if you want a light version to Gold. I don't know if remapping the samples would be all that easy. Though I'm not sure. If you want to save time and ram just buy silver along with gold and use silver to write with then use gold for final production. A lot of people are doing that with great results.

    As far as 1.5 gigs or ram is concerned. I have 1 gig and can barely squeeze about 30 instruments in there using a vsti stand alone host similar to V-Stack. So with 1.5 gigs I would only count on 40 to 45 instruments. I hear 2.0 gigs is the sweet spot on this. When I upgrade my computer I'll let you know.

    Ideally I want to spread it across two computers with about 3.0 gigs each putting Stings and WW on one and Brass and Perc on another. Each computer running Kontakt 2.0 when released or the same VSTi hosting prg. But everybody has there own way of working with these samples.

    At any rate you can't go wrong with gold, and silver would be an excellent accompaniment to save ram when working.



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