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Topic: EWQLSO: switching sample drives?

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    EWQLSO: switching sample drives?

    Hi all.
    I'm planning to install a Barracuda 7200rpm soon as my sample streaming drive; can anyone advise as to the easiest way to move my EWQLSO samples from my startup drive onto the new drive? Is it as simple as dragging the EWQLSO sound folder over to the new drive and instructing the sample player to relocate the folder, or do i need to reinstall? (If so, ah gawd, there goes another 2.5 hours of my life...)
    I'm on a Mac G5. Both drives internal.

    thanks for your wisdom!

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    Re: EWQLSO: switching sample drives?

    Moving the files and redirecting in the Kompakt player Options is (atleast has been for me) enough if there isn't other hardware changes.

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