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Topic: Another Big Band Mock-up

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    Another Big Band Mock-up


    Thanks for the positive feedback for "Let's Dance".....

    Here's another Big Band mock-up (again with clarinets instead of Saxes) but a tiny bit more modern....


    All with GPO except for the crappy soundfont drums.

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    Thumbs up Re: Another Big Band Mock-up

    Hey this is pretty cool! Like daddio,cool man coo! Have you tried using bassoon overdriven for saxes?
    The horns sound cool. You thinking of redoing this with the new Jazz lib? Be nice to hear.
    Thanks for posting!

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    Re: Another Big Band Mock-up

    Thanks Styxx,

    Yes, I'm definately revving up for the Big Band library - just getting my GPO and sequencer chops working now that I have a keyboard with that lovely mod wheel!

    If Gary's looking for any Big Band Beta testers...!?!?!?!

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    Re: Another Big Band Mock-up

    Like it a lot... very good. I guess it's possible to stretch GPO quite a lot.

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