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Topic: Before you ....

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    Talking Before you ....

    retire for the night and go off into pepperland, or strawberry fields, or maybe to the place where that special someone is waiting for you ... how do you end your sessions after a long day? I usually unwind by playing a little piano, then a cup of tea and then I wrap myself up in a big sleeping bag and lay out in the snow all night. (yeah sure, I have a bridge here for sale too if ya believe that one! )
    Is this thing on? Hey, can you hear me in the back? (no, and we want to keep it that way )
    Tea, that's BS! I always drink a glass of Orangutan squeezinz just before I jump into my cage! Yup, that'll grow hair on the balls of your feet! Make a real man out of ya and have ya hanging around with pride slamming your closed fists against your leathery chest the next day! Give that lousy boss of yours a what for! Yup, frozen Orangutan squeezinz concentrate! In your frozen food section at your favorite food store. Buy some today ya no good fur nottin low lyin half conjured lop eared crop stacker!


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    Re: Before you ....

    I usually listen to a chapter or two from the latest audiobook from iTunes or chat with Frank or Aaron to wind down (though sometimes talking with Frank is the opposite of winding down ).

    When all the above fail I throw on some Letterman and fall asleep on the couch to the Top Ten.
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    Re: Before you ....

    Nothing...I'm always tense.

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    Re: Before you ....

    The past few days, I've tried to practice piano every night . . . I'm still pretty bad, but it is relaxing. It also makes my hands tired, especially my left hand pinky, which is very weak.
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    Re: Before you ....

    I usually call up a supermodel, hop in the jet and go to France for a nightcap.

    OK, really I watch a movie in the home theater (aka the living room).

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    Re: Before you ....

    I look at the mess of papers and other odds and ends around my keyboard and computer, get depressed and fall asleep on my bed 4 feet away. Maybe I should just clean it all up......then I can have tea instead.


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    Re: Before you ....

    When I'm really too excited to sleep, I just hold my breath until I pass out.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Before you ....


    "Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson."

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