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Topic: Premp recommendations for

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    Premp recommendations for

    Recording classical guitar, steel string guitar, eletric guitar (jazz to rock) and vocals. I know it's a tall order. but I if had to get one premp with two channels what would you recommend? Hoping for digital connections too so i can go digital to sound card.

    Budget is maxed at $1000.

    Thanks for any replies regarding this.

    Happy Chinese New Year.

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    Re: Premp recommendations for

    You should seriously consider the Metric Halo ULN-2.
    It´s an Audio Interface capable of running as standalone.It has 2 digital in and 2 analog in.
    And if you get a Mac sometime in the future,you have an excellent 4in/2out Interface (through firewire).Oh,and it can be buspowered too.
    The Micpreamps has 72dB of gain (!!!) and are dead silent,and the AD/DA converters are to die for.
    It´s about 1000$ and should be 2000$ (in my opinion).
    I´ve recorded some stringensembles (just got the ULN-2,so nothing serious),and I couldn´t be happier.


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    Re: Premp recommendations for

    I'm no preamp reviewer, but you might check out RNP (really nice preamp) from FMR Audio.


    The reason I mention it is that's what Larry Seyer used on his Acoustic Drums, and they sound awesome. He mentions them on the second page of the following interview...



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    Re: Premp recommendations for

    I have to agree with the Metric Halo ULN-2 ....VERY transparent, and excellent convertors....I'm not sure there is software to support PC however .... You would have to set it up in "stand alone " mode.....I have a few different pre's , and the ULN - 2 is one of the best if not the best...It rival's pre's 3 times the price ....Jim

    PS....The FMR gear is also a GREAT choice ....Less money also ....Jim

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    Re: Premp recommendations for

    thanks much!

    i'm on a mac

    i'll lok into theese

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