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Topic: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

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    Question OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

    Hi everyone,

    all of you probably remember me as the developer guy of NDB, but this time, my post is not releated to the samples... I would like to ask your opinion about my recent compositions. I would appreciate any comments.

    Please find the direct links of two files just below:


    Thank you in advance,


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    Re: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

    OOOOHH, I like them!

    I would have responded sooner but I've been listening to them quite a bit for the last little while.

    Beautiful, quirky themes. Nice combinations of sounds. I like the cimbalom (I believe that's what it is) in your second piece.

    Only a couple of small suggestions for the first piece: around halfway through, the lead synth line sounds a little clumsy compared to the rest of the piece. You might want to refine it a little, perhaps choose a more natural sounding patch. Also, near the end, you have a brassy synth patch that sounds tinny. In general, you've chosen nice sounds, but these two sounds are jarringly synthy, especially when juxtaposed with the more natural sounds. That's just my opinion, however. Overall, I love these pieces.


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    Re: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

    Very nice synth work.

    I was wondering what synth or softsynth you use.

    The first work had some very nice integration between the piano and synth work. The second piece I thought needed a little work to get all the elements to sound like one unified piece.


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    Re: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

    Thanks for your comments. I used a Korg Trinity V3 + GigaStudio combination. At the time I did the mixes, I was short of high quality headphones (and monitors), so I did almost everything 'acoustically blind'. I will look after the synth sounds you mentioned, thanks a lot!!

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    Re: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated


    One other thing. I just listened on headphones, and on thing I find a bit annoying in the second piece is in that one of the patches (some kind of guitarish sound) is constantly moving around in the stereo field. It's not so bad on monitors, but on headphones it drives me crazy.


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    Re: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

    Just got around to listening to trin012 (the second one) -- very interesting synthesis of ideas, and well paced music. The mix could probably be improved upon, but the basic music sounds good.

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    Re: OT: My compositions - comments appreciated

    Thanks, quqliel, I will try my best to improve the mix. Can you advise me what (and where) to start learning this? Reading a few posts on this forum, I compared a few mixes, but as these files are not orchestral works, most of them did not apply.

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