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Topic: re-sending my gpo competition entry

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    Smile re-sending my gpo competition entry

    Mr. Garritan,
    i'm one of the lucky twenty; seen that there is going to be a link to listen to the entries of the competition i just wanted to ask if there would be the possibility to send you again my composition: i mixed down my piece using exclusively the gpo package (hence using just the ambience reverb as plugin) because i thought it was mandatory for the submission but if i understood wrong well... i'd be glad to have the possibility to upload my composition mixed down with my powercore (classic verb + inflator)... it sounds much clearer, warmer and also louder.

    many thanks in advance

    mario rimoldi

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    Red face Re: re-sending my gpo competition entry


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    Re: re-sending my gpo competition entry

    Quote Originally Posted by mariobolo
    Jus' trying to help a guy out

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