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Topic: GSt3 Orch. - Quicksound database not showing gigs

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    GSt3 Orch. - Quicksound database not showing gigs

    I think this has been covered but I couldn't find it by searching. I added a few gigs to my machine but they didn't show up in the Quicksound database. I first told it to refresh with recent changes and that didn't change anything, so I told it to do a complete rebuild of the database and now ALL gigs are missing. I see all the directories but I see no gigs.

    How do I get this working again? I have restarted GSt but not rebooted. I guess I'll try that while waiting for a response.

    GSt3 still works. I can drag a gig from the file system into the right port and it loads but I want the browser within GSt3 to do it's job.


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    Re: GSt3 Orch. - Quicksound database not showing gigs

    Stupid me. The search line became empty somehow. Putting *.gig back solved the problem.

    Sorry for being such a dunce.


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    Re: GSt3 Orch. - Quicksound database not showing gigs

    One thing that I wish Quicksound would allow is a blank line, or *.*, or *.g??.

    Often times developers don't put in the keywords. (Would you guys take the few minutes to do this, please?!!) So typing in "piano" doesn't show all of the pianos. If you type in "*.gig", you see the gigs, but not the gsi or gsp files.

    I want to see all of the relevant GS3 files in a folder, regardless of keywords or file types.

    Anybody else share this opinion? Or has anybody here found a workaround?


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    Re: GSt3 Orch. - Quicksound database not showing gigs

    I'm not versed enough in Giga to have found a work around, but I have to agree with you that there should be some kind of standard that devolopers should follow, or like you said , make the abreviations work to our advantage so that searches cover more territory...One would think that catagories might cover it ....Like "keyboards" could cover piano's , organs, accordians, harpsicords, etc .... "guitars" would be another one that could cover bass, acoustic, electric, etc ..... Jim

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    Re: GSt3 Orch. - Quicksound database not showing gigs

    I don't even think they need a standard. At a minimum, a piano should have the keyword "piano" in the gig. If they add keyboard, string, percussion and other stuff, that's okay, but I typically type in the exact name of the instrument. Common abbreviations would be good too, like having both sax and saxophone as keywords.

    They can get away with it if the file name is, say, Violin1_mod-exp, but if the name is vln1_mod-exp, us users are out of luck.


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