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Topic: Library Advice Appreciated.

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    Library Advice Appreciated.

    I'm studying writing to picture, had a couple of pieces pitched for T.V ads so far (didn't get them!), anyway I'd like to step up the orchestral side of my samples. Right now I'm using Halion Strings (which I like) mixed with Sampletank, this has been working fine within the context of a mix, but I have felt limited in choosing brass sounds particularly as ST only has a few decent ones. Anyway, I've tried GPO and have not been that impressed -Strings weaker than Halion Strings I think. So have been considering VSL Opus,EWQL Gold or stick with Halion Strings and adding Sam Brass/True strike and some woodwind library which I dont' know!.

    I am using SX3/Halion3 and if necessary could use fxteleport with a second pc to run the orcestral Library.

    Any advice welcome.


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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    I'm a halion 3 user myself nowadays .. I went from gigastudio to halion actually . If you are willing to put in just a moderate amount of time to transform any library that is not natively available for Halion into halion format, then you should not find any problem with purchasing a giga version of any sample library, since Halion supports everything that the giga 2 or 3 sample format can include. Sometimes it just doesn't transform correctly and then you need to adjust it by hand.

    Halion strings are good, they can compete with some of the "top of the line" actually. If you want to save you money from purchasing a new strings, and just add to what you have right now, there are good libraries that provides sections separately. As for brass, some of the most respected today are: Kirk hunter, VSL, Project SAM, EWQL Platinum, Sonic Implants and Dan Dean.

    One might be tempted to by a "complete" package, such as VSL Opus 1 or EWQL gold / platinum .. I know I was .. but I found out that there is no garantee that the sounds will fit better together because it is one package. Halion strings have a sound that is on the darker mellow side, so I think Project SAM brass might fit well to that.
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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Thanks, that makes alot of sense. Any suggestions of woodwind libs that i should check out?.
    I think at present I'm swaying towards adding to the halion strings rather than replacing with an 'all in one' library. So maybe Sam Brass/True Strike/Hal Strings and '......' woodwind?.
    Any further opinions welcome. I'm going woodwind hunting, maybe VSL horizon?.

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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.


    Using EWQLSO Platinum here through FXTeleport. I'm sure you'll decide which library sounds most suitable for you, but from a purely technical standpoint, you should know that as of right now, Halion 3 does not work with FXTeleport (Halion 2 did by the way), but the Kompakt Instrument supplied with EWQLSO libraries does. Worth thinking about.

    I can tell you that EWQLSO Gold or Platinum absolutely positively will 'fit together'. That's precisely why EWQLSO is such a great product. As long as you set the relative levels of the instruments realistically (and they are pretty well set out the box), and write idiomatically, it will sound good. You CAN make EWQLSO sound bad, you just have to go out of your way to do it Feel free to have a listen to some pieces at my website. Basically any orchestral sound you hear in there is from EWQLSO Platinum.

    My understanding is that Max at FXTeleport has a copy of Halion 3, and is trying to find a solution. Check out the FXTeleport forum for the latest info on that.


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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Ultimate Strings is an older library without a lot of fancy programming, but to me it is one of the best sounding string libraries available.

    For woodwinds, consider Dan Dean or Westgate.

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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Rees
    I can tell you that EWQLSO Gold or Platinum absolutely positively will 'fit together'. You CAN make EWQLSO sound bad, you just have to go out of your way to do it
    I must admit that Steve is right about that when it comes to EWQLSO - providing that you personally like the sound of the lib.
    Halion 3 is not being supported by any Midi-via-net yet, important point there too. My solution to that is sending MIDI the old fashion way to the slave computer (MIDI out through hardware interface from the seq computer to MIDI in through hardware on the slave computer) since Halion 3 can run as a standalone application on the slave computer. I pick up a few milliseconds of MIDI delay doing that which I compensate for in the seq. Most likely, FXTeleport will find a solution soon.
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    Parent: Son, you cannot become both.

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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Personally I am dropping out of the mix and match stuff and going for EWQLSO next, but since I was doing it for SUCH a long time, I'd go with SAM for brass, Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds, and SAM True strike for sure. Keep in mind that the Dan Dean Woodwinds are NOT recorded in their proper distance, but if you have a good convolution reverb (or just a good reverb maybe), that isn't a problem. For the SAM stuff I recommend just getting Solo Sessions first and then gettin the ensembles later if you like them. Another option in Dan Dean's Brass which I hear is fantastic.

    All in all this will probably cost more than say, EWQLSO Gold or Opus 1, and will probably take more tweaking (maybe not more than Opus 1 though, from what I hear). If you can, listen to all the demos of everything you can find (and play with the SAM freebies) and then make a choice. The sound I like may not be what you are looking for.

    James W.G. Smith

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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Another vote for Dan Dean woodwinds and brass ensembles. Fine sound, lots of programming choices for articulations, and beautiful tuning.

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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Thanks so much for all the above advice. I'm new to this forum, but it seems folk are so helpful and positive. Anyway after all the above advice, the point about ease of use/time has hit me a bit. I've noticed that there is a U.K group buy of EWQL Gold, hopefully it'll get down to £325. So at half the price of Opus 1 or 'mix and match' libs that's made my mind up for me. I think I also do need something that is quick to use, so hopefully this will do it. Thanks again everyone. I'll post something up to listen to one day soon.
    P.S Steve Ress, I loved that first piece. That helped sway me the EWQL route!.

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    Re: Library Advice Appreciated.

    Quote Originally Posted by TimI
    P.S Steve Ress, I loved that first piece. That helped sway me the EWQL route!.
    Cheers Tim,

    I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with EWQLSO Gold,

    All the best,


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