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Topic: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

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    "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?


    I am going to buy a grand piano, 24bit, for primarily solo and small group classical music? Do people have experience and comments on the latest available? What are perhaps the best and why?

    Here are some I've looked at:
    PMI Bosendorfer 290
    PMI Old Lady
    PMI Emperor
    Ilio Ivory

    Others to consider? Thank you!

    The end product will be CD for commercial sale and background track on DVD.

    (Note: I have a 3.4 Pentium, 2GB ram, and lots of disk space.)

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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    Most likely repeating myself for the 4th time on this forum, but at least I have a consistent opinion
    I suggest the Vintaudio ( have not played Ivory thou ), I find the C7 very playable and pleasing to my ears .

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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    Others to consider........have a look at the Black Grand from Sampletekk.


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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    From my experience with sampled pianos , I would say Vintaudio's Yamaha C7 and PMI's Old Lady.



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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yves
    From my experience with sampled pianos , I would say Vintaudio's Yamaha C7 and PMI's Old Lady.


    Those are two of my favorites as well, but I also like the Bosendorfer 290 a great deal. Since it has its own kompakt player, I tend to reach for it first for convenience's sake.
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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    I would recommend Black Grand, but also do a search. Much has been written on this topic, although the search links will only work for the recent posts. Still, should produce a ton of info. Also be aware that how the various pianos respond to velocity is very important.

    Good luck!
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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    My vote: Bosendorfer Imperial Grand



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    Re: "Best" classical acoustic grand piano today?

    Thank you for your comments. I have also read all the other threads I could find in the other forum categories on this subject.

    At this point I am considering to buy two, the Black Grand and the Old Lady. I have downloaded the playable demos, but haven't had a chance to try them yet.

    I am looking for a full, round sound, a bit bell-like in the upper mid-range, with solid, yet clear bass. I would like the two pianso to work together on some music that has each piano in different ranges, I would like there to be a pleasing compatability, but with distinctions between the two pianos.

    I am also listening to the Rain Piano as a possible complement in somepieces that use piano and harpsichord.

    As a note, I do have the GOP Grand. Also, the GOP harpsichord. I like the GOP harpsichord very much, though I am looking for another one with a nice sound.

    I should also mention that the music I put on CD is played is play in big rooms with mirrors and other hard surfaces. The highly ambient pianos don't work best for me. Similarly, harpsichord with too much gangle and clutter are not the best sounding when played in these rooms.

    Regarding the Bardstown Bosendorfer Imperial Grand, I read this on their website:

    "Many other current sampled pianos claiming to have eight to sixteen velocity layers have been produced by only sample recording two or three actual velocity layers, and then applying low pass filtering onto those samples in order to produce up to sixteen "fake" velocity layers, and also with only every second or third note sample recorded, and with the rest of the notes being pitch shifted from those notes."

    Is this of significance? Is this true? I have yet to listen to demos of the Bardstown Imperial Grand, but will.

    Thank you for comments.

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