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Topic: My newest battle theme

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    My newest battle theme

    Another battle theme to share. I was going to enter this into the SAM Contest but I hadn't finished it. Anyways feedback is always welcome.

    The Lost Region Lit Battle Theme (yes this is a different one than the previous post)

    Thanks in advance,
    Adam Frechette
    Alternate Future Productions, LLC. CEO
    Composition | Web Design
    - www.morningswrath.com
    - www.etherealdarkness.com
    - www.audiostreet.net/adamfrechette

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    Re: My newest battle theme

    A nice Build up piece, perhaps you could mix the dynamics to build up as well a little more, so that its crescendo-ing through the whole piece. Whatever that's just saying something for the sake of saying it . Good job yet again.

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    Re: My newest battle theme

    great job!

    what libraries did you use?

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