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Topic: Reputation?

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    Hi Everyone, I'm still fairly new here, and I've looked around the site for an answer and can't find one, so hopefully someone out there will clear this up for me. I've noticed that I have a reputation (I guess), but I don't know what the symbols mean, and I also don't know how to get a better reputation or know if I made a mistake and lost brownie points etc. Please help me out. Thanks!

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    Re: Reputation?

    There is a recording forum I go to where this is used.

    If someone thinks you gave a good response to a question, they can give you positive rep points. Or vice-versa. They can give you negative rep points.

    For instance, I just gave you positive points for asking this question.


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    Re: Reputation?

    (How do we give out or take away points?)

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    Re: Reputation?

    If you click on the symbol to the right above people's posts (the symbol that looks like a scale) a little window should pop up asking if you approve the post or not. I'm not quite sure how the whole reputation thing works, it seems a little silly, but I just gave you both some reputation!

    Hmm, I guess I can't do it too much . . . "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to moviemaestro again."
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    Re: Reputation?

    I just added to everyone's reputation that posted in this thread - the rep points don't mean a whole lot other than that you have bored friends on this board.
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    Re: Reputation?

    And I just returned the favor!

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    Re: Reputation?

    I know it's silly, but I've also wondered how it works. A couple of people have given me good feedback for helping them out, but my 'reputation' is an unkown quantity.

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    Re: Reputation?

    Since it seems this forum is powered by "vBulletin" I went to their website and found this:


    The truth is revealed!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: Reputation?

    I think we're all equal in the sight of God and Gary. These things don't seem to matter much in this forum. We all just enjoy eachother's company, help out a little whan we can or when the sperit moves us and what the heck, the whole thing seems kind of silly if you ask me. But then no body asked me, so I'll just ask myself. So Karl, what do you think about this reputation thing? Now if I could only give myself points for asking such a question.


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    Re: Reputation?

    There is also a mystery involved in contributing reputation, an extra button to check to make it positive -- I've gotten a couple of "thank yous" where the sender took away reputation points -- pretty sure by accident, but it was a surprise when it happened.

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