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Topic: midi problem

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    Unhappy midi problem

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    hi guys

    i use cubase sx as my sequencer and when i record melody on midi ch 1 selecting flute and when i try to add bass on the midi ch 2 the sound of the midi ch 1 also changes to bass and this happenns with all the channels
    i am totally confused could anybody help me out. whats the problem like?

    i can change it in list editor but thats tideous is there any other way

    sequencer is conected to my midi controller keyboard radium 49 (m audio)


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    Re: midi problem


    I've never heared of anything like this before. I encountered that problem once with Cakewalk Music Creator 2002, and the problem was that I'd accidentally assigned the same MIDI channel to both tracks. That's obviously not it in your case. Are you using General MIDI? If your using that, I haven't the slightest idea. If your using Garritan Personal Orchestra, by any wild chance, (since that's what I use most of the time) did you make sure that in the GPO window you have each patch set to the correct channel? Make sure you don't have both flute and bass set to MIDI OMNI. That may cause a problem.
    FYI: All I've been writing is random thoughts. I can't sleep tonight, so for all I know at the moment, none of this could have made any sence at all. Good luck with fixing your "error". I'm sure you've already tried this, but a good reboot can't do any harm.


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