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Topic: Create a iis file from a wav (Gigapusle)?

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    Question Create a iis file from a wav (Gigapusle)?

    Hi all,

    I can't find how to create my own iis file in GS3/Gigapulse from a wav file...
    Can someone tell me how to do?

    Same thing to modify the wav file of an already created iis...


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    Re: Create a iis file from a wav (Gigapusle)?


    1, insert a GigaPulse instance and select New... from the file menu button
    2, specify a name for your .iis file in the dialog
    3, select the appropriate ticks in the middle (LFront, RFront, and others if you are in surround)
    4, push on the Add button
    5, select the tick "enable this source placement"
    6, specify a name for the source placement
    7, in the middle, push the "..." button to insert the wave files to the "LF" and to the "RF" channels, answer the arising question if you selected a stereo file
    8, push "Done"
    9, select "Done" again and specify a file name
    10, select a bank file name
    11, specify a Preset name
    12, select OK and you are done

    you may also fill in some other fields between step 1 and 7, these were just the minimal settings to get things work.



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    Smile Re: Create a iis file from a wav (Gigapusle)?


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    Re: Create a iis file from a wav (Gigapusle)?

    There is a new small tutorial that has been posted at the GS website titled:

    "Stereo .wav Impulse Import to GigaPulse Pro"


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