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Topic: GigaPiano II Dilemma

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    GigaPiano II Dilemma

    Am I the only one who thinks this piano sounds best in its "raw" state, without convolution? I am not entirely fond of the ambience applied in the modelled presets. Somehow it tends to get more metallic. However, with no convolution modelling I really miss the 'pedal down' effect and the 'release notes'! Is there a way to keep the dry and neutral sound of the "raw" version and yet introduce 'pedal down' and the 'release notes' with the same character?

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this subject. Thanks!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    I'm just getting started with Giga3, but I would think that you should be able to go into the program and adjust the parameters to achieve the sound you want ....If there's too much reverb or delay or whatever, just adjust to taste..I think you should be able to do a "Save as " when you have what you want ....Again, I'm just getting started, and I could be off base here ....Maybe some of the more competent Gigadudes or Gigagals, could chime in .
    A little tweaking could go a long way ....Jim

    A lot of folks don't like this particular piano BECAUSE it sounds too metalicy and they also don't like the ambience in it ....You're not alone..... Myself ?
    I'm looking for a piano that is in between this piano, and the Vintaudio C7...
    A nice mix of both would work GREAT for me ....These are both great piano's in there own right ...

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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    You're right. Let's edit GigaPulse! I know now what's causing the metallic ambience. It's GigaPulse preset N°14 which is creating a serious amount of "pedal up" resonance. Also, the "pedal down" resonance (preset N°15) is set way too high. When sliding the Mic Masters Perspective to a value of '342' (instead of the default's maximum) the result sounds less overwhelming and a little more realistic to my ears.

    Yes, much better!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    Well, I musy confess I don't like GPII at all. I think it's been perfectly recorded but I just hate that Kawai which sounds way too much hard and bright to my ears. I prefer the 1st version of Gigapiano, which still sounds very acceptable with a few equalizing. I would even say GP1 is still one of my favourite pianos (maybe am I a bit on the conservative side). I'm trying to get some results by applying the GP2 resonance impulse set to GP1 (just for fun actually).


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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    I guess this is why there are so many different piano's for different types of work ....For symphony piano, I like a very smooth sounding Steinway Grand ..
    For rock or country, I like a BOLD , BRITE , in your face type of piano ...The Giga II piano gives that to me in spades.... To listen to it on it's own as a solo piano it's pretty intense, and a bit brash, but to hear it in mix playing Leon Russell tunes, it fit's like a glove ...Again, just my opinion ...YMMV .....Jim

    Anything with either "effects" listed or something like the Vintaudio piano's that utilize the AUX channels , you can go into the DSP and adjust to taste..
    I find the going to "perspective" is a good overall adjustment...then going to the individual mic's also works.....Now I'm not sure once you get everything set up how to save it....I think it's a "save as" but I'm not sure....This is my next post ....

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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    Well, yes, Larry's piano is indeed suitable for pop music but I must say that the other piano that came with the package, the Virtual Grand Piano Demo from Art Vista, is a little more to my liking for playing solo sh*t. The good news is that the Virtual is scheduled for next month.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    If you want to know what GPII is good for, listen to Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is". You actually have to brighten GPII up just a little to match his sound! I think for rock/pop piano, this is the sound you need. Many of the sounds I have listened to that are supposed to be piano, I sometimes think are piano synths or heavily processed real pianos. They have an edge that is not present in a natural piano sound.


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    Re: GigaPiano II Dilemma

    Poco .....BINGO!!....That's the sound to a tee !! ( Bruce Hornsby ) ....Some like it , some don't .......I like it !!.....Jim

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