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Topic: Time to break a leg

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    Smile Time to break a leg

    Hey everyone. Wish me luck. Tonight is the first big gig for me in the band that I have been practicing with for the last 5 months. The band is Roswell and it's the first ban I've ever played bass in. I used to play keys. Now I pretty much just use keys for writng music. Anyway, here's am link to our site if anyone is interested. http://roswellarea51.com Take care everyone.


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    Re: Time to break a leg

    Break a leg!
    Careful, man, there's a beverage here!

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    Re: Time to break a leg

    ...not a hand... (like our bass player did! )

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    Re: Time to break a leg

    Rock on, man! Just watch out for those alien anal probes Charlie was talking about.

    Love the Star Wars look on your calender, very appropriate...
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