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Topic: C3/C4 problem? Slide gig ranges around maybe?

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    C3/C4 problem? Slide gig ranges around maybe?

    I'm trying to build an orchestra performance file from the gigs I have available. What I'm running up against is that when I try one gig for a certain part it matches the MIDI note range that Pro Tools is putting out but when I try another gig file it doesn't. I understand that at least part of the problem is a disagreement between Pro Tools and GSt3 about what note is being played. Pro Tools says it's playing G1 but GSt3 says it's receiving G2. What causes this offset and can it be adjsuted for in GSt3?

    Once I get past that issue I end up with a second problem. When I try one gig file for say timpani I find the ranges mapped one way and when I try a different timpani gig the correcsponding range is mapped somewhere else. I do not want to mess with the gig file and I don't want to mess with the MIDI notes in Pro Tools. What I'd like is to be able to offset the gig I'm trying so that the ranges it has are moved to the location on the keyboard that I want them to be. Is this possible?

    Digging out the manual to read over lunch.


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    Re: C3/C4 problem? Slide gig ranges around maybe?

    Wow. iMIDI to the rescue!

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