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Topic: GS3.04 update problem

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    GS3.04 update problem

    I think this was happening in 3.03- the instrument list doesn't allow branching the way 3.01 and 3.02 did. Why this happens I have no idea. I 've gone into my QuickSound Settings and rebuilt my sample list, yet still no branching in this section. Obviously this is a pain to load the entire sample set when I just want a single instrument sometimes. It also means my memory gets chewed up faster. Anyone else having this problem?

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    Re: GS3.04 update problem

    I've read of others having that problem, but I never have.

    Make sure that "Recursive", rather than "Local" is checked under GigaStudio Settings | QuickSound Tab.


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    Re: GS3.04 update problem

    THere is a thread from about 6 weeks ago here ... somewhere. Fiddle with the options for quick sound, and you get branching again. Also some details of changes in the search pattern inthat thread, as I recall.

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    Re: GS3.04 update problem

    Sob...sob...grrrrrrrr... I have this too, but the toggle doesn't fix it. I didn't even notice it untill I saw this thread and checked my tree's.

    Anyone? Meantime I search back for that thread from 6 weeks ago.

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    Re: GS3.04 update problem

    ok -- it's one of the check boxes on the "gigastudio settings" dialog, "Quicksound" tab, I think in the "results properties" section.

    Perhaps "show only instruments that match search" should be unchecked? And "recursive" must be on, I think.

    (I have all of the options unchecked except 'recursive', at the top, and my branching works fine.)

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