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Topic: Robert Rodriguiz's Sin city

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    Robert Rodriguiz's Sin city

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    I just saw the Trailer for Sin City and I was curious if anyone here was excited about it as I am! Anybody not Like the look of it? I personally can not wait till it comes out!

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    Re: Robert Rodriguiz's Sin city

    yeah , I saw a trailer when I saw the Aviator a few weeks ago. i head read a few months ago that Roriguez left the DGA just to shoo the thing.


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    Re: Robert Rodriguiz's Sin city

    Rodriguez made the mistake of asking the story's creator, Frank Miller, to co-direct it with him. This is a no-no. Even though there are many directing teams in the guild, Rodriquez and Miller are not considered a "legitimate" team.

    So Rodriguez told them to go **** themselves. Good for him.

    Sin City looks brilliant. Shot entirely against green screen. Everything else was done in post production. Looks like the graphic novel come to life.
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