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Topic: Can't get Vintaudio C7 to play pedal up + down properly !

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    Can't get Vintaudio C7 to play pedal up + down properly !


    I've tried setting this up as per instructions (on 2 separate linked Midi ports) for GS3.

    However, pressing the sustain pedal results in silence. De-pressing it restores the Pedal Up samples.

    It's as though the pedal down signal is not resulting in the Pedal Down samples response.

    Any ideas ?



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    Re: Can't get Vintaudio C7 to play pedal up + down properly !

    You can do one of two things.....You can go to your quicksound menu using gsi's or you can go to gsp's .....When using the gsi's , there are 2 items for each of the items in the program ....2 for ambient, 2 for close mic'd, and 2 for players perspective.....Double click on one of them ....It will load and you will see on the far right (after it's loaded ) that it will be either the PU ( pedal up ) or the PD ( pedal down ) ....After it's loaded, check to make sure that your icon for " stack instruments in active midi channel " is clicked on and active..
    Then you double click on the OTHER of the two preset's, and it will then load..
    Once it loads, it will stack on top of the other preset that you already have loaded....You will now have both PU, and PD presets loaded.....Play away ...

    Another way is to just go into the gsp files ...The default when the program is loaded is to look for gsi's ....Change it search for .gsp's....Then scroll down till you find the Vintaudio files.....When you double click on any of these files, they will load the PU, PD, and will also load the aux preset which you will have to go in and set up as per the directions on the CD from Franky ....I usually go into the gsp section as it loads everything you need to play, and then you adjust what effects you want and edit to taste.....Hope this helps.....Jim

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