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Topic: .gsp question

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    .gsp question

    In order to load all the pedal up and pedal down , along with the preset, I find that when I want to play the Vintaudio programs, I have to double click on the .gsp program to load everything ....The effects that get loaded by default are NOT the Vintaudio effects....

    This being said, if I want to load a different effect into the Vintaudio program , and I do all the adjustments to it to get it the way I want , how do I then save it so that it loads the way I have it edited ?...... I think I should do a "save as" but I am not sure...., and if it is a save as, where would I save it to so that is comes up in the quicksound database ? .....

    Thanks to all....Jim

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    Re: .gsp question

    Nobody has and answer ?.....Thanks, Jim

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