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Topic: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

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    Hi Folks,

    The latest addition is the Midwinterhorn, a replica of an ancient horn, perfect for huge battle tunes:


    Check out this demo:

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    Re: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

    Hi Herman - if I'm not mistaken you have the wrong file linked

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    Re: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

    Thanks folks

    Oh btw Scott Cairns is using the R.A.W. Tarka in the next Stargate videogame.

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    Re: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

    Cool stuff Herman!


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    Re: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

    Gorgeous! Where do you dig up these instruments? Thanks for the generosity and great sounds.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

    Digging up is pretty close, Dasher. This is a replica of one that was dug up from a well in the Netherlands. ;-)

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    Re: R.A.W.Midwinterhorn

    Wow! Just listened to the demo. Could you get any more primal ...


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