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Topic: gigastudio use

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    Post gigastudio use

    i was told that to just to use gigastudio 3.0 was foolish...that i wasn't suppose to use it manly for recording that i was suppose to use sequencers and guitar, because it used up too much processor memory....and drum modules ...i bought a pc strictly for music....its a dell 8400 pentium 4 processor 3.0 gigahertz....160 gigs .....1 gig of ram with windows xp home...could someone please tell me what i should do.......i don't have a lot of knowledge about comp....but am learning fast.....thanks if anyone can help its greatly appreciated don

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    Re: gigastudio use

    What do you want to do?

    If you want to record yourself playing guitar and maybe singing and throw some drum and bass loops behind you, get ACID.

    If you want to layer a bunch of live tracks, get Sonar or Cubase.

    If you want to add some synth sounds, get Sonar/Cubase and a soft synth like Atmosphere.

    If you want to add some real instruments like horns, strings, choir, get Sonar/Cubase and a sample player, like Kontakt or GigaStudio. You will eventually want to add additional sample libs to get more or deeper instruments.

    It all depends on your goals.


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