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Topic: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

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    Question Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    Almost one month ago I downloaded the Garritan Stradivari Violin Video demo. Quite impressive, indeed!!!

    I’ve been looking for some more information, but found out that little technical specifications have since then been made available, and no further reference to this instrument has more recently appeared in the Garritan forum.

    I’m very curious about what this “SampAlign Sonic Morphing” consists of. Its name doesn’t make really clear to me if it’s based upon physical modeling, samples, both, or whatever…

    My second unanswered question is about the platform it will run on (VSTi? Standalone?): I suppose (and hope) it will be a VSTinstrument, but can anyone give confirmation about this?

    Ah!!! I almost forgot to ask another (probably the most important, and the last, I promise ) question:
    When will I be able to put my hands on it? When…? When!!?

    If anyone knows anything more than me, then (please) talk!

    Thanx in advance,


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    Post Re: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    The Stradivari Violin is basically a sample-based instrument. However it differs from a conventional sampler by exploiting sophisticated realtime midi processing for automatic portamento & legato, sample phase alignment for real time morphing across several dynamics, and realtime convolution with a proprietary modal response for a realistic, controllable vibrato.

    The instrument runs as a standalone or VST plugin, suitable for the PC and the Macintosh platforms.

    More details will be made available upon release, announced for the first quarter 2005.

    Hope you're feeling better.


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    Re: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    Again, congrats Giorgi. I'm glad technology finally caught up with your brain.... Or atleast where your brain was four years ago... Cant imagine whats stirring now!
    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
    or go here...
    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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    Re: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer, Giorgio... I appreciate it very much.

    Yes, you told me all I needed to know, and I feel somewhat better now, I think...
    I'm not going to bore you with other questions, anyway, so don't worry!

    What's important is that, it seems to me, there will be a step forward regarding sample based instruments in a not very distant future, and I really really hope the final result will be worth the wait.



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    Re: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    Quote Originally Posted by Rapha0574
    When will I be able to put my hands on it? When…? When!!?
    Quote Originally Posted by Giorgio Tommasini

    ...announced for the first quarter 2005.
    Actually, the release date is going to be Spring of 2005. We are aiming for Musikmesse or shortly thereafter (barring Murphy's law is not operational).

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    Best of luck with putting the final touches on the product, Gary!


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    Re: Garritan Stradivari Violin......

    Any info on what instrumets you are going for next? What about GOS 2 (GOS is still my main string lib). Please, PLEASE record your next sample lib in a scoring stage!!! Thanks,

    James W.G. Smith

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