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Topic: Help with Pro Logic 7

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    Help with Pro Logic 7

    Hello, I'm a newbie with both this forum and Pro Logic 7. I notice that when I open a previous session Logic restores the Garritan Orchestra Patches that I had previously been working on correctly, but all of the Mod Wheel (volumn) settings open up at their minimum - i.e. softest levels. Is there a Logic user out there who can suggest a way for them to open at the settings I had when I last saved my session?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Help with Pro Logic 7


    Assuming that you are correctly playing, or drawing, expressive mod wheel data throughout each of your MIDI tracks then cc#1 data should always slightly precede the first note-on event in any given track. Any song file re-loaded into Logic will follow the cc1 data in each track, re-establishing all dynamic information. Remember, mod wheel data is not a static “set once” volume control. It should be almost continuously active throughout the tracks, shaping the dynamic contour of the phrasing. Also, it’s my understanding that Logic 7 can now be set so that mod wheel levels don’t automatically return to zero, a problem with earlier versions of Logic.


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    Re: Help with Pro Logic 7

    Dear Tom,
    Thanks for the quick reply. As I mentioned in my original post, I'm new to Logic so I didn't know about the Mod Wheel problem in earlier versions. I'm sure I've overlooked something here but I've yet to open a file where the mod wheel doesn't revert to zero.

    I'll mess around with it again tomorrow, but for now I'm done for the day!


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