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Topic: GPO in Logic (Q)

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    GPO in Logic (Q)

    Has anyone set up GPO such that each instance of the player loads only a single instrument? If so, how does this work performance-wise? Is the player as "small" as EXS24 in terms of CPU/RAM usage? I think I might need to go this route in order to facilitate easier mixing with my FW1884. Right now I'm using the 8-audio-objects-routed-to-a-single-instance method, which works well. However, the FW1884 only sees that instance as ONE object, so I have to control the volume/automation with a single fader, rather than multiple faders.

    Any other solutions are appreciated...

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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    It is funny that you are asking about using one sound per instance. I made the tutorial on the Garritan website about using GPO in Logic yet I found that by running one instance per sound I got a huge amount of improvement. Each instance uses about 3-4 meg of ram (empty). This is also the only way to get it to use both processors. I also use an FW1884. Do you have the probeelm of having to keep turning off/on the FW1884 initially to get it to stay connected to the firewire?

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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    Chris - Thanks for the tip. I'll reorg my Autoload then and just have GPO setup as a "one instrument per instance" type thing. With that little overhead, it will be nice to have the flexibility of individual fader control.

    With my FW1884, I actually broke down and bought another FW card. My setup also has 2 external FW drives, and since I turn the 1884 off when not in use, it was totally freaking out the FW bus of the HDs. For fear of losing data, I bought a cheap FW card, put the 2 drives on that, and have ONLY the 1884 on the internal FW bus. Since doing that, I've had no problems with this setup, and I don't have to power cycle the 1884 at all.

    Got my FW card from Newegg - it was a Syba (with NEC chip) for $13.50 including shipping.

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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    Chris - I noticed something interesting. When checking activity monitor, it appears that each instance of GPO (when a separate instance is loaded on each track) the Kontakt Player is actually taking up roughly 10MB per instance - much more than your 3MB estimate.

    I'm using the latest build of Logic and GPO, with a Dual 1.8Ghz G5 and 1GB RAM. Even at 10MB per, it isn't too bad...but 3MB would be better!

    How did you arrive at your 3MB number?

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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    To compare don't you have to load one instrument patch slot in the kontact player, then do several tracks like this... then compare to a single kontact player with the same number and same exact patches loaded into various slots on the player?

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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    I'm not really sure...? I just loaded the player without any patches in the instrument slots and each instance was taking up +/- 10MB RAM.

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    Please, Please, Please

    People can anybody help me?
    I've bean trying to solve this for some time now.
    OK, I was never able to load more than one instrument per in GPO KONTAKT
    in LOGIC 6.4.3 ????
    It simply doesn't work as described in GPO-LOGIC manual by Kevin Rix
    Steps 10 ,11 ..... are not working.
    Once I choose new track with the same Instrument (1) and try to assign MIDI CH 2 to it, LOGIC changes MIDI CH # in track 1 to MIDI CH 2 ????
    I can't have one GPO-KONTAKT instance with loaded multi instruments in it
    assigned to a different sequencer tracks.
    Please, please, please
    As I said, this is something that I'm trying to solve for some time now and it's very, very frustrating.
    Just to mention, I use 'LOGIC' since it's ATARI-NOTATOR days back in 1988 and can't consider myself a beginner, but this one is giving me a hard time.
    Thanks everyone, I hope that someone will be able to shed some light.

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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    Try Chris's tutorials instead - they worked fine for me:


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    Re: GPO in Logic (Q)

    Quote Originally Posted by Indicator
    Try Chris's tutorials instead - they worked fine for me:

    Thanks Indicator
    I knew that that way it must work but wanted confirmation that Kontakt-Logic-Multi Instrument doesn't work as it's suppose to and that Kevins manual is wrong.
    Thank You very much

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