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Topic: Quick demo from a newbie

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    Quick demo from a newbie

    I recently purchased GPO and have finally got a chance to play around with it (first attempt ). This short piece was done on my laptop using the ensemble players in GPO with the Sibelius demo as the sequencer (I think I will buy this, great program). All articulations were read directly from Sibelius. With some practice, (and the ability to save ), I think this could make a great combination.

    I have no idea what it sounds like through normal speakers, so forgive the mix .


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    Re: Quick demo from a newbie

    Nice work! The mix is well balanced in my opinion. Maybe just the left-panned violins could come a little more centre. So, it was just played directly from Sibelius? Without any adjustments to dynamics in GPO? Wow, very nice. Amazing that it's your first piece with GPO.

    Thanks for sharing,
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    Re: Quick demo from a newbie

    Thanks for the kind words, Kin.

    Yup, all Sibelius. Pretty neat program. I don't know what happened to the Violins, maybe I accidentally tweaked something .


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    Re: Quick demo from a newbie

    Great piece. Well done. Love the classical feel. I purchased Sibelius at the same time as GPO. Both have almost endless possabilities. Hope to hear more pieces from your hand in the future.


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    Re: Quick demo from a newbie

    This is very lovely. I had to listen to it twice in a row . Thank you very much for posting.

    I think the mix sits pretty well. The strings on the left seem to dominate. I'd love to hear the cello and bass a little more in the mix. But that could very well be my headphones .

    Did I mention this was absolutely lovely . (I'm prone to lots of smileys, please pardon).

    - Michael
    - Michael Fortunato

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