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Topic: Attitude-i

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    Question Attitude-i

    Anyone using the "Experimental" library from Attitude-i? I did a quick search of NS and only found 1 post. Seems it hasn't gotten much attention. Good or bad.

    Any similar products I should consider for creating these "strange" fx-instruments? I do have "Total Piano" and still get good mileage out of the fx in that library.


    Thanks, Fozzy.

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    Re: Attitude-i

    I remember these guys from ages ago....

    they were called digital something or other before.

    seemed like really cool libs for cheap, never got any of them tho. the experimental lib looks cool
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    Re: Attitude-i

    woa... never heard of these guys before.... the strat guitar collection sounds REALLY nice (rivals the strat heard on the Hans Zimmer Guitar collection) and for 29.95 you cant go wrong.


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    Re: Attitude-i

    hmmm..hard to say...

    not the greatest demos....

    good price though.


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    Re: Attitude-i

    If it's the same company I'm thinking of, they were called "Digital Complete." I have the strat guitar and the ethnic drums. I've used the strat on a couple of projects, and it works okay. I haven't used it lately, though. The drums aren't StormDrum, but they're pretty widely varied and sound pretty good.

    At that price, they paid for themselves very, very quickly.


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    Re: Attitude-i

    For the money, they are quite good. the guitar is a pretty basic, but I use the drum samples a fair bit.
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    Re: Attitude-i

    Ethnic Drums are quite good, and work for both Giga, and Kontakt. I've had problems with some samples not played correctly in Kontakt, and they immediately have sent me updated version free of charge.



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    Thumbs up Re: Attitude-i

    Thanks guys!

    No real negatives there. I think I'll just go for it. I was just a little hesitant because I couldn't find any additional info/feedback on 'em.

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