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Topic: Looking for a name (audio to midi plug-in)

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    Looking for a name (audio to midi plug-in)

    I've been trying to find this thing for some time now. But since I've forgotten its name I have not been successful. I saw it through an internet ad and just checked it out and I was fairly impressed.

    It is a audio to midi thing, which you can load as a plug-in in your sequencer - or run as standalone. I seem to remember it was not VST, but rather DX. The demonstration of the plug was an alto sax part played into the seq and the plug turned tha audio input into MIDI data for the chosen track with very good accuracy. It is quite small in size - no big application, and it is not a new thing. I would guess about 2 years old.

    I really want to check it out again because I'm quite interested in it. Does my describtion above ring any bells? what may be the name of this thing.

    Any help at all would be appreciated.
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    Re: Looking for a name (audio to midi plug-in)

    Midifier, I think.

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