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Topic: trouble with audio

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    trouble with audio

    can anyone help me with this problem?i have a tascam us 428...have a dell 8400 pentium 4.... 3.0 160 gig hard drive....1 gig of ram .....windows xp.....i'm running all my audio through the external card and i'm getting pops....is there some setting i have to make in my comp... to take care of this.......my hper threading is off and my comp is maximized for music but still i get pops.....if anyone can help i'd appreciate it thanks....don good web site for setting comp...up MusicXP.net - Tuning Windows XP for Audio/Music Applications

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    Re: trouble with audio

    Did you check the sample buffer size of your audio card? If it's too low you'll get pops and clicks. I set mine between 512 to 1024 depending. I hear some people can get it lower though.



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