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Topic: Keyswitching question(s) from noob.

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    Keyswitching question(s) from noob.

    I see references to keyswitching so I looked it up. I found this explanation:

    "This format supports keyswitching, which is a function where pressing a non-sounding key (or a Patch Select in the case of Ensoniq) instructs the sampler engine to switch what samples play on what key."

    So now I have a rudimentary understanding of this but could someone give me an example of how/ when this would be used?

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    Re: Keyswitching question(s) from noob.

    Let's say that you are playing the keywsitched flute. You would be able to change the sample from vibrato to non-vibrato simply by hitting a keyswitch. The keyswitches are below the musical range of the instrument, so no note will sound when you hit them.

    Instruments with lots of different articulations, like strings, allow you to change from sustain to pizzicato to tremolo to trill just by hitting the keyswitches.

    If you look at the keyboard in the GPO player, you'll see the keyswitches colored yellow and brown.

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    Re: Keyswitching question(s) from noob.

    The keyswitched instruments in GPO are all designated as KS combo instruments. This means that when you load the instrument into a slot in the player it contains all available articulations for that instrument. These articulations are then accessed by playing a key which is outside of the instrument's playable range (therefore, silent) and this triggers a switch to another articulation.

    For instance, in the Violins I KS combo - if you look at the keyboard on the Kontakt player you will see the playable range highlighted in gray/blue and the keyswitch keys highlighted in brown. If you are playing a passage that begins with regular sustained strokes but then changes to pizzicato, you would play the C highlighted in brown just before beginning the phrase. You will now hear the sustained/short bow samples being played. Just before you reach the section of pizzicato, play the F highlighted in brown and the sound will switch to pizzicato violins. This way you can have multiple articulations all on the same track without having to add extra tracks for pizzicato, tremolo, trills, muted strings, etc.

    I know that somewhere there is a breakdown of the keyswitch articulations, perhaps someone can direct you to them - I know I've seen them but can't recall at the moment where. Hope this helps.

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    Re: Keyswitching question(s) from noob.

    Thanks to both of you. It now makes total sense to me!


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