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Topic: About G-Town Percussion Samples

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    Unhappy About G-Town Percussion Samples

    Hi to everybody,

    I'm getting crazy trying to find this free samples all over the net, but there's no human way to find them.

    I've been reading several forums talking about this topic but I can't get access to Tobias Margerber website for these sounds: http://www.gtownsounds.com

    This site seems to be down. And it seems to be down recently because I found a website where Tobias himself refers an user to his page. And the post is dated 12-12-2004.

    Well, I searched it via eMule and other p2p clients, but none of them find anything.

    Does anyone know where I can download this samples? An alternate server, perhaps?
    Do you know any page that serves this files?

    An the most desesperated question: Could anybody send me this samples in some way (Through the internet, of course)?

    I'll very pleased if anyone could help me.

    Thank you.
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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    Sometimes his website is down. Usually it's not for long. It might be up again tomorrow.

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    I hope you have reason.I've been trying to acces for 3 days and "nothing of nothing".

    Thank you for your quick answer Alexcremers.

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    I tried to acces the page weeks ago. It wouldn't load at that time either. I've tried a few times in the meanwhile....but a dead link every time.

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    If its cool with Tobias I can send them to you guys via AIM - I have translated them to Kontakt and tossed the gig files though. (AIM alias: LastLibs)
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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    I have tried to get to the G-town site at different times for months now, and it has not once been up and running. The most common error message is "504 Gateway Timeout", but there have been others as well, including the dreaded 404...

    I am also keen on getting the files (in giga format).. perhaps it WOULD be a good idea to put the package on the ed2k networks? After all, it is free ware - include a text file explaining the licence and any other information the creator would like.
    I know of several 3d graphics related sites that are distributing free materials in this way, and it works wonderfully for all involved.

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    It is definitely down, and has been for almost a year, But I have just about every sound from that site, and let me tell you, they are awesome.... I see no reason why we can't send them to you, let me know and I'll send you a disk... Unless he was diciding to charge for them which I highly doubt... BTW, i have them in giga and kontakt... Just PM me... Or if someone wants to host, tell me where to upload them... I hear enough people ask for these that I will prolly keep them preserved for as long as a CD can live...

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    It hasn't been down for a whole year steady. I just downloaded a bunch of samples from G-Town in the past few months.

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    I got some samples from there around Christmas. I just kept going back until it was there.

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    Re: About G-Town Percussion Samples

    I would be interested in checking out the Kontakt version

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