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Topic: HELP ME with the sound of LAMB oRCHESTRA

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    HELP ME with the sound of LAMB oRCHESTRA

    can anyone tell me what its better to work in terms of quality
    personal gary garritan orchestra (GPO ) or Gary garritan orchestra ( giga )
    i open this files GIGA in KONTAKT sampler and want to do simple things like
    1 violins 2 violins viollas an cellos , the band LAMB have a song MY ANGEL GABRIELLE can anyone tell what its the better orchestra sample for made de orchestra sound of LAMB in that music AND WHAT THEY USE?
    1 violins 2 violins and cellos ?
    can anyone help me ?

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    Re: HELP ME with the sound of LAMB oRCHESTRA


    GOS only has section strings (rather large sections at that) - no solo instruments. In contrast, GPO will allow you to build small chamber ensemble-sized combinations through its "Ensemble Building" feature.

    Also, GOS is an extensive string library, but only strings. GPO includes instruments from all sections of the orchestra including winds and percussion, among other things. They are different libraries for different purposes.


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