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Topic: Question Re:Akai S100 into GS3

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    Question Re:Akai S100 into GS3

    Does anyone here have experience with using Akai S1000 format samples in GS3? I read somewhere that GS3 can import and/or translate Akai S1000 samples and use them. I've seen that Akai sample discs are very cheap (roguhly $20 on ebay, about $100 elsewhere). I'm sure they don't compare in quality, but if anyone has experience with them, I'd like to get your honest opinion, be cruel if necessary. Thanks guys.

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    Re: Question Re:Akai S100 into GS3

    Hi eric why don't you use CDxtract convert program it can translate any format inti GIG files! I know GS can do it itself but i don't use it!

    Another translate program is called Translator from chickensys. Makes better translations but is also more complicated in using it.

    Good luck! Out of every sample you can get nice sounds even 8 bit samples!

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    Re: Question Re:Akai S100 into GS3

    Thanks, I'll look into those. I know there is a chickensys forum on this site.

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