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Topic: Recording with GPO and Finale

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    Question Recording with GPO and Finale

    I'm an experienced Finale user, just getting started with GPO. I've worked out how to get everything working fine on my desktop, now I want to have a permanent sound record of some of my work. Finale's function to Save As Audio File seems to ignore the GPO channel assignments and to override them with the active SoundFont. Can I get this to work with GPO Studio somehow? Alternatively, is there some way to save a Finale file as MIDI and record that from GPO Studio?

    TIA, Jeff

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    Re: Recording with GPO and Finale

    Make sure you have the latest update of GPO. When you are ready to record, there is a "Record to File" function in GPO studio. Use that to record your Finale performances.
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    Re: Recording with GPO and Finale

    Thanks, that was the hint I needed. I hadn't guessed how to use that command. Now I see.

    - Jeff

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    Re: Recording with GPO and Finale

    Welcome JEFF!!!

    As a fellow GPO and Finale user, I heartily welcome you to the forum! You will find a lot fo helpful tips here and support from other Finale and GPO users here!

    Jess already gave the answer I was going to give.

    Again, welcome!

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