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Topic: Got a bunch of .wavs

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    Question Got a bunch of .wavs

    A friend of mine hooked me up with a bunch of .wavs of various drum sounds and sfx. How do I convert them into GIGA format? I had some akai s1000 samples and I was able to convert them with no problem. I tried the same method with these .wavs and I get empty folders after the "coversion".

    When I tried to convert the .wavs, the only option I was given was to 'Import Native'. When I converted the akai samples I was given the option to Convert to Giga. What's the difference?

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: Got a bunch of .wavs

    The wavs are completely raw material - they have no format to convert, unlike the Akai. To use them, you will have to go into Giga Editor, and import the waves as samples and arrange them to your pleasure. Basically create your own gig instrument.

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