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Topic: ASCAP Formula

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    ASCAP Formula

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    I'm an ASCAP member and I'm in the middle of getting some music to cable tv show. I was curious if anyone knew how ASCAP's formula worked to caclulate writer and publisher shares?



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    Re: ASCAP Formula

    Quote Originally Posted by Ernstinen
    The writer's share is 50% and the publisher's share is 50%. So if you are your own publisher, Ta-Da! You own 100%.

    If somebody else publishes your music, it depends on what kind of deal you work out with the publisher.

    I think that's the answer, unless I'm wrong!

    Oh thanks but I guess what I meant to ask was not a dollar amount per se, but how mcuh does ASCAP collect from the network/production company airing the show. I know there are some differences becuase of this project being cable and not network.



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    Re: ASCAP Formula

    You can just call ASCAP member services and ask them what the per minute $$ is on a specific cable channel. They'll give you a number, for example $10/min for a BI on Primetime on HBO. Then you can figure it out based on time of day - primetime's the higest, morning's 50%, afternoon 75%, and overnight's 25% of the primetime rate. You can get a pretty close approximation of what you'll get since most cable channels are done on a census, as opposed to survey where you never knew if you'd get paid for a performance.


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