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Topic: Piano: Galaxy piano, a longish piece by Girl-X

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    Piano: Galaxy piano, a longish piece by Girl-X

    Ran across this mp3 from Girl-X (?) played using the Galaxy piano in an exposed solo piano setting. Much more exposed in the last half, with some nice post bop lines. About 6-7 megs, so you get a good lengthy listen to the sound:


    The download button is to the right of the heart. No mention of which settings were used.

    I wish the release had been extended just a few milliseconds and the sustain made a tad louder so I could hear the chords a little longer. The release sounds a little tight to me, though I know many classical people expect a well maintained piano to have a very brief release. Still a nice sound, and hearing it directly, as opposed to through an mp3, might make it sound still better.

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    Re: Piano: Galaxy piano, a longish piece by Girl-X

    Hm...No one had an impression of this? I was hoping some Galaxy owners would weigh in.

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