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Topic: .gig edit ?

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    .gig edit ?

    I went thru the Giga3 manual, and there was plenty of mention of editting .gsi, and also .gsp , but there was only one mention of editting .gig's in the Instrument Editor....That was it ....There is no mention anywhere else about the " Instrument Editor" and I am wondering how to edit the basic .gig ....When I change the EQ for example in a .gig, how do I save that edit ...Save as brings me only to gsi or gsp saves......Nothing for .gig....Any idea's out there ?.....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: .gig edit ?

    If you are changing the EQ in the DSP channel strip, it gets saved in the performance (gsp). Just do a normal file save in Giga and it should be restored when you re-open the performance file.

    If you want to change lower-level stuff in gig file - say, to re-tune a single note - you have to open the editor to do that. You would then save the gig file with the editor.

    If you haven't opened the editor, then you haven't changed your gig files, so there's no need to do a save on the gig.

    Is that clear???


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    Re: .gig edit ?


    There is also a GS3 Instrument Editor User Manual and related tutorial files available. This manual is a whopping 388 pages long. Yikes!

    I am only aware of the electronic version:

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    Re: .gig edit ?

    Thanks guys,
    I'm just surprised that changing the EQ in .gig file, now makes it a .gsp file...
    I was thinking that it would be an editted .gig file as it's is not being used yet in a performance ....Maybe I'm just not use to the GIGA terminology yet ..

    How do you open the "Instrument Editor" ?......

    Thanks again....Jim

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    Re: .gig edit ?

    Quote Originally Posted by synthnut
    How do you open the "Instrument Editor" ?......

    Thanks again....Jim
    There should have been a Windows shortcut installed. Look in:
    Start, All Programs, Tascam GS3.

    The icon is a red "letter G" that is underlined.

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    Re: .gig edit ?

    > "How do you open the "Instrument Editor" ?......"

    You can also just double-click a gig file.

    The thing is, when you open GigaStudio, you have opened up a blank performance. When you add a gig to that performance, you're not editing the gig; you're editing a performance with one gig. Keep in mind that you can add lots and lots of gigs to the current performance in GigaStudio.

    The editor, on the other hand, only opens one gig.


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    Re: .gig edit ?

    YES !!....This is what I mean ...If I want to edit JUST on .gig ....I do understand that you can edit more in a .gsp file, but all I want to do is a simple edit in say adding a different EQ to a piano program ... Sort of like in the synth world....You do a simple edit to a program , and your synth ask's you if you want to save the edit, and you reply "yes" ....I guess things are a little more complicated in Giga ...

    With all the help I'm getting from you guy's , it makes for a much easier learn ....I ask you guys as I'm sure there are things that are not mentioned in the manual , that you guy's know about from the years of experience with the program, like the Instrument Editor....There is only one mention that I have seen in the entire manual about the Instrument Editor, yet Martin says there is a book of hundreds of pages describeing what the Instrument Editor does !!.. I didn't even realize that this was a first having a hard copy manual !!... This is a HUGE plus to me ..I can't stand the manuals on CD, especially since most manuals jump all over the place when you're trying to track something down .. ....Thanks again....Jim

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