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Topic: Giga Newsletter?

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    Giga Newsletter?

    Just had to ask.... Did I just get a Giga Newsletter?

    Is this real?


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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    It seems so.
    I too got mine in the morning.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    Yeah I got it as well....from what I understand of what's written they used to do this at some point in the past...

    I actually think its pretty cool.

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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    Oh man, I was the biggest fan of the ol' giga newsletter. Glad to see its comeback!

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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    yeah, I got it too here. Is it just me, or wasn't it just a tad dissapointing not to see any info on the gigapulse VST?
    For a newsletter, there was a great lack of, well news!

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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    The scary thing about the newsletter is how they claimed Giga is now stable! Guess they quit working on getting it more stable. There's quite a few users out there that still can't it working in a consistent manner.

    The newsletter seemed like more of an advertisement to me than a hints and tips to help the users. I would like to see a tutorial on how to use quicksound properly in the latest version. Quicksound still seems goofy finding new libraries I install.

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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    Just FYI,

    The newsletter has a "promo" code to buy Larry Seyer's Acoustic Drum Library at $349 instead of the normal $399. Too bad I already have it!

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    Re: Giga Newsletter?

    Quote Originally Posted by Haydn
    There's quite a few users out there that still can't it working in a consistent manner.
    Hopefully people are taking the time to submit "bug reports" to Tascam Tech Support.

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