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Topic: Still waiting for PMI GS3 Libraries

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    Still waiting for PMI GS3 Libraries

    I was reluctant to make a public posting, but my attempts at e-mail Michiel have proved unsuccessful. Hoping for my promised GS3 updates of The Old Lady and The Emperor, I received most unexpectedly the Grandioso libraries. I e-mailed Michiel to advise of the apparent mix-up but have heard nothing now for many weeks. It would appear there are a range of issues remaining with the samples and their integration, which is frustrating. I am usually in the middle of eighteen projects myself (affliction of creativity) and it is hard to really 'clean-up' one and move on for good. I would love to try the libraries, however, in whatever state they are currently in. I believe in Michiel's work and he deserves our loyal support.

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    Re: Still waiting for PMI GS3 Libraries

    I'm completely sure Gold Bundle libraries are finished for GS3....I know because I'm using Old Lady and I love it...

    As for Michiel, I have to agree that sometimes public posting is required for him to act...
    Jan Nemecek

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    Re: Still waiting for PMI GS3 Libraries

    Jan ,

    you don't have problems with the Old lady as far as audible clicks and distorted samples??



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    Re: Still waiting for PMI GS3 Libraries

    I´m using Old Lady since January
    Havbe you tried PM at NSS forum or his web site?

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    Re: Still waiting for PMI GS3 Libraries

    Michiel's always been responsive in my experience. But I must confess, I haven't received a working copy of the BOS 291 24 bit version~
    I think he's at NAMM or something.


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