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Topic: Gigaports in cubase ??

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    Gigaports in cubase ??

    Is it possible to reduce the ammount of gigaports in cubase, I can't see the situation where I actually need 8x16 or is it 7x16 ports.
    So would it be possible to set perhaps 2 channels pr 7 ports.
    The midi list seems neverending in cubase, both inputs and outputs.
    Im using cubase 2 and Gigastudio 3.04.

    Any help would be wonderful!

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    Re: Gigaports in cubase ??

    as long as you're using GS3 as a Rewire client, there simply is no way to reduce/remove those ports. The only way to remove them, is to deactivate Rewire within GS3 and run GS3 + Cubase using GSIF(2) drivers (as I do...).

    Best wishes,

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    Re: Gigaports in cubase ??

    Well, it helps, we can just hope that someone create's a fix in an future update.
    The program works fine but it's just annoying to have all those ports.

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    Re: Gigaports in cubase ??

    Seems like more of a Cubase issue than a GS issue

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    Re: Gigaports in cubase ??

    I really don't know where the issue lies, but after i installed gigastudio i suddenly had heaps of ports, it even takes longer to see the list because of all the ports.
    So it would be nice to either reduce the number of instruments in giga studio, if the ports are connected that way, or just set up a number of available ports through rewire, which, of course the user decide!
    Anyway I like the program and I like the sounds.

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    Thumbs up Re: Gigaports in cubase ??

    There is no way of selecting these ports not in Cubase and not in GS.
    There is a way of getting GS mixer channels inside Cubase by using FX gigaport. If you route via gigaport you will not get all the Rewire channels.

    Greetings Resident.

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