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Topic: OT: Video format converters?

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    Smile OT: Video format converters?

    Can anyone reccomend a decent freeware app that will get me from AVI and mpeg to WMV. I dont have a website yet but acidplanet.com will host a 20 mb video file for me. The problem is that they insist that it be a WMV formated video. The only thing I can find are demos with some serious limitations such as it only processes 50% of the file. I have mpeg and AVI versions of the file already. Just need to get to WMV. The only other thing that would be helpful is to get some free webspace for streaming a demo but I doubt there is much of that out there either. I would just go ahead and purchase some but this is just a really tight time for me financially. I'm really just wanting to post a demo here but need a way to do it. Thanks in advance.


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    Smile Re: OT: Video format converters?

    Check out Windows Media Encoder 9 available as a free download from Microsoft. Another option is Windows Movie Maker in XP. Of course, the assumption is that you're using Windows.

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